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Monday, December 24, 2012

wise words from mama rosemary and daddy joseph

The directors of the orphanage, Joseph and Rosemary, are still in Canada visiting their daughter. They sent this message to the children at SMK today... to be posted around the grounds for everyone to see. 

I think it's a good message for all of us to consider. 

Merry Christmas from Change the Truth! And thank you for standing by our side as we work hard  to improve the lives of some very special kids.

"Dear Children,This is Director Mama Rosemary talking to You

Merry Xmas, and
A Happy New Year
To you all, and
To your Families, Guardians, Friends and Neighbors

Let us all be Happy & Merry, and wish for Prosperity and Development
Happiness means –
Sharing & Caring, Love & Laughter, Joy & Forgiveness and Fine Games
Plenty of tasty Food, Uplifting Gifts, Smiles & Interaction
Plus Helping the Needy & the Elderly – in all ways you possibly can
If you are happy alone – then you are not truly Happy

As the New Year shows its fresh & graceful face, we should –
Thank those people who have made Life comfortable for us
Sponsors & Counselors, Parents & Guardians, Teachers & SMK Team

After we clap 3 times for them, --- We should all – Promise
To Work harder on our Education – the Key to our Future
To Improve our Character, Obedience & Respect, and Value of our Lives

We miss you ALL, and we Love you
God Bless you all during the festive season

 - Mama Rosemary and Daddy Joseph

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