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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

kids helping kids

Open Air Studios is a children's art school on the west side of Los Angeles, dedicated to enriching children's lives through the visual arts and encouraging each child to grow creatively through personal expression. This year, children eight through eleven years of age used their love of art as a means to give to others.  Several service project ideas were discussed, and after watching a video from the Change The Truth website the children decided that they wanted to make dolls for the younger children at Saint Mary Kevin Orphanage. The doll making project began in September. 

Each doll is made out of a variety of different fabrics and is an personal expression of the child who made it. Elaine Armour, founder of Open Air Studios and her students are excited to send the dolls to Uganda next week: they will be packed in Suzanne Garr's duffel bag for special delivery!

Elaine came to CTT through her sister, Julie, who has already done so much for the children. Last year Julie made beautiful felt necklaces to send over to the orphans for Christmas. This year she is assembling journals for the children. CTT is lucky to be gaining these talented and generous women as friends. Welcome to the CTT family, ladies! We're happy you found us.

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