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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

team 6: natalie

This is the email I've been waiting for today. A missive from Natalie. I knew she had arrived late. I knew her bags were missing. I knew she was tired and emotionally spent. I also knew she would "get" this experience early on and be transformed by it. I only wish I was there to see her face as all of this washes over her.

"Every plane I took to get here was delayed.  I was forced to run, full sprint, down the halls of multiple airports. My luggage has still not arrived. I'm still wearing the same underwear I put on Sunday morning. And none of it matters.

What does matter? Upon arriving at the orphanage I asked some of the girls to show me their favorite thing. I was immediately taken by hand to the small library. I left for lunch today to return to find that quiet, bashful Erias had drawn, quite skillfully I might say, a picture of the two of us. Later this afternoon I was pulled away so that Noreen could slip the friendship bracelet she made that spells out the word sisters onto my wrist. Before leaving for the comforts of our hotel, the marching band led us out of the school, playing loudly and making us all feel like royalty.

I have never in my life felt as blessed, loved and welcomed as I have by the people of Uganda and the children at SMK.

My heart is full."

- Natalie

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