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Monday, December 17, 2012

first day in uganda: post by team 6 leader suzanne

"Destination: St. Mary Kevin Orphanage
Hours Traveled: 36 +
Bags Checked: 6

Jennifer and I started our journey to the Pearl of Africa with eight bags, 6 checked all weighing in at the maximum allowed 50 lbs. Although, don’t tell anyone, we were definitely over the weight allowance. Who thought squirt guns weighed that much.

The first leg was on a Boeing 747-400 with 415 of our closest friends to Amsterdam. Seven hours later we landed only to board the second plane to Kigali, Rwanda and then an hour later to our final destination Entebbee, Uganda. As we descended into Entebbe the quarter moon was swinging low in the sky, twinkles of light dotted the hills and you could see the thunder & lighting clouds doing their dance. Fiona, Catherine and Melissa were waiting patiently for us as we cleared immigration and gathered all our bags. Familiar faces and hugs for weary travelers.

We made our way to SMK with Melissa acting as tour guide pointing out various highlights along Entebbe Road. The Lodge awaited us and the simple pleasure of being horizontal was our reward. Our first day at SMK was just hours away.

It is now day two and we have started many art projects, played soccer, read books under the shade of a banana tree and held hands. We await another member of Team 6, Natalie who will have her first day at SMK on Tuesday. The kids are excited to welcome her.  Stay tuned for more on the happenings at SMK from Team 6!"

- Suzanne

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