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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

another post from team 6: lessons quickly learned

"Laughter is good for the soul and I’ve had to laugh at myself a lot these past few days getting adjusted to jet lag and getting used to how things work here in Uganda.  I’ve been known to use the phrase ‘just sayin’, and I’ve had a few ‘just sayin’ moments over the past few days—some lessons learned recently some easier than others—but keeping a smile and laughing at oneself is key.

 Lessons learned, the hard way:

  1. Always have your flashlight near you as power outages are frequent. It will save you from trying to find your way in the dark.
  2. Mosquito netting.  Day One, forgot to put netting around bed. Day Two, mosquito netting really isn’t attacking you as you try to find the opening to get out of bed at 3am.
  3. When power does go out, turn off the light switches.  It will save you from jumping out of bed in the middle of the night when the power decides to return!
 Lessons learned, the good way:

  1. Travel with Suzanne…she knew the spot in the Amsterdam airport that was like an oasis—complete with lounge chairs so we could lay down for a bit before completing another leg
  2. Be hands free:  Keep hands free at all times as children will always want to grab them and walk with you.
  3. Be prepared to explain several times what ‘angel kisses’ aka freckles are!
  4. Melissa really does make awesome guacamole.  Avocadoes here are so tasty!
 Finally, the children will out laugh you, out play you, and out hug you.

Just Sayin’ "

- Jennifer


Anonymous said...

Love reading these! thanks so much for sharing. AJ

Anonymous said...

Team 6 ,you will be greatly missed.Suzanne ,thank you so much for the tramedous job well done and mama Gloria thanks for visiting SMK in August 2012 because a year without your presence at SMK would leave us so empty. we missed you so much on the team i must say .hi to all CTT Teams 1,2,3,4,5,&6. they will always be remebered and missed.

Joan Faith

Gloria Baker Feinstein said...

Thank you, Joan Faith, for all you did to make the team's trip so successful. Everyone enjoyed meeting you and hearing about the history of SMK.

Much love always,

Mama G.