"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." - Dorothea Lange

Saturday, December 08, 2012

a portrait photographer with some new pastel drawings

When I was in Seattle, I got the very special treat of being able to work in my sister's studio. What a beautiful, light-filled, well-equipped and meditative space... with gorgeous, loyal Wally-dog at my feet! I could have stayed in Seattle for a month, retreating to this place from sunup to sundown.

Here are some more of my new drawings. These, along with many of the others I've made since August, will be on exhibit in my "open studio" (which will really be an "open condo") and will be offered for sale. If you have not received a notice about this event and think you might like to attend, please let me know. I'll happily provide you with the details.


Jessica said...

You've been busy, Gloria! They are all beautiful. Something about the long, smooth lines make me relax while I'm looking at them.

Anonymous said...

- Susan

mj said...

These are quite wonderful, Gloria! And I loved the picture of you, Eddie and Henry on the Plaza. Marti