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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

circling back to change the truth

Ooh, sorry. Couldn't resist.

When I went to the orphanage in December, I carried along several Make-It Plate kits so that the kids could make drawings that would later be transferred to melamine plates. These plates are the coolest. I have a whole set made by my own children. Once a year I made them do a plate drawing. I love eating my lunch on a plate made by Abbie when she was six and then dinner on one made by Max when he was thirteen... you get the delicious picture.

The children at St. Mary Kevin's loved the challenge of drawing within a circle. Some really took to it, including Willy, Brian, Nicky, Ivan and Annet. Their plates were among the best sellers at our Friendraiser/Fundraiser earlier this month. I figured I should share them here on the blog so that my readers can see how beautiful they are. If anyone would like to purchase one, two, a complete set for six or more (!) please contact me. They are $20.00 apiece.

I can't wait to return this December with plates in hand for all the artists who participated in this project. They will go nuts! Maybe even run around in circles...

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Anonymous said...

Gloria, Those kids are so talented! I wish I lived nearer and could come to one of your auctions. Beautiful and inspiring as always.