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Saturday, July 04, 2009


Now it’s time to show you the inspiration for the plate project I undertook at the orphanage. As I already explained, making a plate was an annual affair for the two kids growing up in the Feinstein household.

Getting Max (Jeffrey the first five years) to sit still long enough to make a plate drawing was always a challenge. He had better things to do - like eating dirt, trying to flush various found objects down the toilet, banging on various found objects with his drumsticks, wreaking havoc on our dog… that kind of thing. Abbie, on the other hand, would sit for long periods of time considering her small masterpiece. She was the kind of kid who stayed with a project until she completed it and moved onto something else. Suffice it to say, there are more “Abbie plates” than “Max plates” stacked in the cupboard.

Regardless, they are some of my favorite possessions. They bring back great memories of my kids at different stages in their young lives.

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are these for sale?