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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


"Three-hour tour

Field trip African style to Lake Victoria we went, Team member Dawn, 12 children and me. It was your typical sunny, hot day in Uganda. The kids were excited to go. They were eager to show us the way through the fields and over the streams. We walked single file along the red clay path. Dawn and I kept asking the kids how much longer and somehow no matter how far we walked the answer was always the same, ‘not too far, we’re almost there, it’s very close, close.’

Eureka, we finally see water! We arrived at Lake Victoria, and within seconds the clothes were off and you could hear the splash of water as they ran into the lake. Giggles and excitement filled the air.

It was mid-day now and the sun was baking the troops. The trek back to SMK was a long one, even with a shortcut. The pace was slower as the kids had exhausted their energy playing in the lake. Along the path the kids found mangos, jack fruit, and sweet potatoes to refuel their weary bodies. It was a three-hour tour that Dawn and I will not forget. Not because we were dripping from the heat, but because the sheer joy of playing in the water is something every kid, big or small always remembers.”

- Suzanne Garr

[This photo of Suzanne was taken just after she returned from the beach trip, sunburned face, wilted flower and all.]


Paul Matzner said...

Great photo and story! Keep up the terrific work, Suzanne and Gloria (and all the others too). Safe travels home!

Unknown said...

Glad you are well, and fueling your passion with Gloria and the children. You hot trek is a stark contrast to the 16 degree mornings in WI! Be safe as you journey to your native home.