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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

day one

What a wonderful first day. I got to spend precious "alone time" with some of my dear young friends. I wandered around the neighborhood. I walked in the rain with Rosette. I found myself exclaiming over and over again to kid after kid: "You've grown so tall!" Nicky serenaded me with a Michael Jackson number on the guitar Monique left behind. I got many hugs that were seriously heartfelt. I got crackin' with my Hasselblad. I was treated to Melissa's homemade vegetable soup for lunch. I got to watch Douglas teach dancing to the girls troupe and hear Antwain play the drums. (The harp players are a nice addition to the drumming. They're really good.) I got to play baseball. I traveled by boda-boda. I got to sit next to Boy-Boy and rub his back, which he had ever so slowly inched in my direction. I got to see (and hear) the long awaited addition to the marching band: a very cool tuba. I got to spend a leisurely dinner out with Melissa. We talked and talked and also admired the ink black star studded night sky.

Hard to beat a day like this one!

Tomorrow night four team members will arrive, followed by three more on Saturday. The kids are really excited to get this party going!

Here are some opening shots from the day. Hopefully they will load. The internet connection I have is very slow, and it's ridiculously late. I don't know how much patience I'll have. OK, some loaded. I'll try the rest tomorrow.

(Happy birthday to my lovely daughter, Abbie! I wish you could be here. The kids want to know EVERYTHING about Henry. Of course, I'm happy to fill them in.)

Melissa in her kitchen

The two Glorias

Douglas teaching the girls dance group


The harp players






Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day 1. I am excited to watch the weeks unfold and I so miss the eyes, smiles and hugs of my SMK family. Enjoy. Am think ing of you. xo to all! cmj

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm one of the penpals that wrote the orphans, my name is Jadaijah. I see they are having lots of fun, and they are responding to the letters we wrote. I love the picture.
love, Jadaijah

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is olivia and i am one of the students that wrote the children in Uganda pen pal letters. It is great to see all the children so excited to see you i hope that they will respond to our letters with great excitment and that they will come to Florida fast so we can write the kidsa back.
sincerly ,