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Thursday, December 15, 2011

day two

I’ve just sent my seven dinner guests on their way. Time to get in a little nap before heading to the airport to pick up team members Bobbi, Avis, Michelle and J. Leroy. No sleep for the weary on this trip!

Yesterday I was telling Tina and Claire Faith that I was looking forward to my dinner date with Melissa, that we would conduct business but also have kind of “girl’s night”. The latter part of that statement intrigued them. They asked me several times about the “girl’s night” aspect of our upcoming evening together. After I finally explained it, and it was clear to them, they suggested we have one. And why not?

Late this afternoon I hopped on a boda, picked up some pizzas, samosas, cookies and soda and then opened my door to Tina, Claire Faith and their invited guests: Rosette, Issy, Rachael, Joan Faith and Rose. It was a girl’s night filled with lots of fun conversation, singing and dancing - and a ton of laughter. It was a blast.

I spent the earlier part of my day getting sun burnt (ouch, forgot to apply sunscreen this morning) photographing and hanging out with the kids. Melissa prepared another stellar lunch; the team members are in for some fine eats when they get here! The fruits and vegetables are so delicious. I'm particularly partial to the regionally grown avocados, potatoes, pineapples and tomatoes, as well as anything matooke related.

While we were eating, we could hear Oscar belting out "Amazing Grace" on the saxophone. It was enough to just put me over the edge with joy for being here. The sounds of that song wove their way into the air high above our heads and then drifted down on us like a slow-falling rain.

Tomorrow begins the first round of team projects. Melissa and I have put together a busy schedule for our volunteers. The next two weeks will be the culmination of a lot of hard work on our part. All the hours of planning will pay off when I see the first little hands slip into those of our team members tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

Hi,this is Jarid a student at sunrise middle school in Florida. Our teacher is friends with Bobbi Newman. As a present to all of the kids she made us write a letter to are mystery pen pal. I can not wait until we get their response and I'm excited to see who it is.Make sure they respond!:)
Jarid Altmark

Anonymous said...

HI, im Jadaijah one of the penpals from sunrise middle in Florida. I love the pictures of there painting, they are so beautiful.
I can't wait to see there responses and im so anxious. It looks like they are having lots of fun there.

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Jaden and I am one of the penpals from sunrise middle. I can't wait to hear back to who ever I wrote to and see what they have to say.

peace from Jaden Boggan

Anonymous said...

Hi this is Nur a student at sunrise middle school in Florida. Our teacher is actually friends with Bobbi Newman and we were the class that wrote the mystery penpal letters. I can not wait to get their responses and I anxious to see who my mystery penpal is.
Nur Jahan