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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

back in uganda

I am in Uganda! I will see the children in the morning, but the following message from director Rosemary greeted me upon my arrival. This missive is for all of you who have helped CTT in any way, large or small! We really have made a difference, and we should feel very good about that.

"Mama Gloria,

WELCOME. You are welcome back to your children. Look at them carefully. Look into their eyes, -- and you will see happiness and joy. Look at their faces – and you will see lovely fat cheeks. Try to lift a few of them – and you will feel the change in weight. This is the result of the support that Change the Truth (CTT) has given to SMK Orphanage over the years.

LIGHT THAT BRINGS OPPORTUNITY. The orphan children are proud of CTT and you Mama Gloria because you gave them a new lease on life and hope to realize their dreams in an atmosphere of Love, Care, Counselling, and the light of Education in a healthy environment. The management of SMK Orphanage wishes to acknowledge your efforts as team leader, plus contributions from the other members of CTT Board and sponsors, plus the work of the CTT Resident Social Worker Melissa.

Thank you from Mama Rosemary."

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