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Sunday, December 11, 2011

help for the "big boys"

The following project proposal was presented to CTT from Melissa, our on-the-ground liaison. It is one of many that Melissa has sent my way. I thought this one in particular was worth sharing. You can clearly understand the amount of in-depth research and analysis Melissa does on our behalf. Down to the penny, we know exactly what is being covered with our funds. And we have a good description of the need itself.

As you will see below, the dollar can go a long way toward helping ease certain problems for the children to whom we have committed our assistance.

CTT Special Project: Dormitory Painting and Repairs for Older Boys

Objective: Ensure a clean, healthy and safe living environment for older male orphans.

Practical Issues: The dormitory for Secondary School aged boys is one of the older dormitories at SMK. The dormitory consists of two small, separate rooms. There are 20-25 boys who call these rooms home on a full or part-time basis (depending on whether or not they board at their respective schools).

Despite the best efforts of SMK Administration and the older boys themselves, the dormitories are in desperate need of repairs and repainting. Insects (like bedbugs) have infested parts of the dormitory, and there is also a problem with rodents.

Patching of small holes in walls and foundation, complete painting of walls from ceiling to floor, spraying of bedding and linens for insects, minor repairs to roof leakage and rebuilding of shutters on existing windows would help immensely.

Wall Paint
3 jerry cans @ 53,000 shillings
159,000 shillings ($63.60)

Paint Thinner
2 jerry cans @ 20,000 shillings
40,000 shillings ($16)

Painting supplies (brushes, basins)
50,000 shillings ($20)

Insect Chemicals
1 Litre
60,000 shillings ($24)

2 bags @ 29,000 shillings
58,000 shillings ($23.20)

Iron Sheet
1 sheet @ 30,000 shillings ($15)

10 timbers @ 10,000 shillings
100,000 shillings ($40)

Total cost of project 497,000 shillings ($198.80)
**Prices based on 2,500 shillings per dollar conversion.

CTT has agreed to take on this project. Team 5 will hopefully be able to help with the work while we are there. When I informed Melissa of this, here is what she wrote:

"Great news. And if you close your eyes and listen hard enough the echo of cheers from the Big Boys will most definitely be heard across the ocean!!"


Anonymous said...

Made a donation tonight to help with the "big boys" project. Have a wonderful trip, Gloria! MJ

Anonymous said...

that you're getting ready to fly to the other side of the planet to help so many people in need of clothing, food, education, and love is inspirational to me and many, many others.

Gloria Baker Feinstein said...

Thanks, MJ. So very kind of you. And thank you for your kind words, M.

It is obvious this is a huge group effort. Thanks to all of you who have stepped up for these children