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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

installation shots and some shoutouts

The CTT Friendraiser/Fundraiser was a success due in large part to the help of about 30 volunteers and the attendance of approximately 400 supporters.

From the registration table all the way through checkout, kids and adults alike gave their time and energy to make sure the evening turned out well. I can’t thank these generous and hard working people enough. Special kudos to Kathy Tracy, Sondra Atherly, Jennifer Smith, Susie Corbin and Jeff Mildner for heading up their sections.

The doll artists who donated their time and talent are to be congratulated and also thanked. Most everyone who saw the show and bid on the dolls felt this was an even stronger showing than the 2010 collection.

I’d also like to thank Lynne Melcher, our filmmaker, whose movie “Changes” was a huge hit as the centerpiece of the evening. This film will be used often in future presentations,; its value to CTT is immeasurable.

My husband Eddie, my sister Bobbie and my dear friend Carol all worked hard to make sure last minute details came together and I didn’t fall apart.

And finally, to all the people who crowded into the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center to be part of our 4th annual event: webale nnyo! (thanks in Lugandan) You are what makes this whole thing work. Your generous bids and donations go a long way toward helping the children at St. Mary Kevin Orphanage. As I said in my remarks Friday night, many of you are getting to know some of the children, even if at a distance: Issy, Willy, Brian, Ivan, Douglas, Rosette and Nicky are just some of the names I hear rolling off your tongues as if you have met them. That has been my hope all along: for you to come to know these children.

We certainly celebrated them on Friday night. I hope they felt all the love streaming in their direction.


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Anonymous said...

Wow, the photos of the exhibition look so great!!
Very special to see the artworks of these kids from Uganda exposed so beautifully together in the US..
On these moments, I simply LOVE our globalized world.- M.