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Thursday, May 28, 2009

young artist featured in kutuuka: geoffrey

“Dear Friends,

My name is Geoffrey. I am ten years old. If I grow up, I want to become a pilot. And also I like to draw because if I see pictures I am happy. That is why I say let me study drawing.

Love to all of you.”

Geoffrey's framed painting is 19" x 23". If you'd like to purchase it, along with a signed and numbered hardbound copy of Kutuuka, you can do so for a donation of $500.00 to Change the Truth. Please contact me if you are interested.

(In case you are wondering, Ugandans go by their last names first and their first names last. That is why Willy's painting is signed Okecha Willy and why this is signed Opio G. Okecha and Opio are Willy's and Geoffrey's last names respectively.)

May 31 -- this piece is now sold!

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