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Friday, May 08, 2009

want to get a smile on?

Here's another short video about the power of music - children and music, in particular. It was passed along to me by a friend, who noted that the YouTube title for this three minute slice of magic is "Remind me again why music shouldn't be in public school?"

These fifth graders will make your day. I guarantee it.


Jessica said...

I've got a HUGE smile on after seeing this! I emailed it to everyone I know and linked it on my Facebook page. Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

I wish I'd had a music teacher like that when I was in grade school.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Gloria!

I feel pretty lucky that I had really cool music teachers in elementary. Ms. Willens on guitar (who gave us lessons after school); Mrs. Thies was really into the Beatles; and Sister Karen introduced us to "Tapestry" by Carole King! Fond memories that still bring a smile at 50.

And this video does, too.

Do you know the school?


Gloria Baker Feinstein said...

I do not know the school - just what I have learned about it through a Google search. Seems as if their songs on YouTube are getting something like eight zillion hits per day. Their teacher is a dynamo; he even keeps a blog about the choir and all their comings and goings (they were on the Bonnie Hunt show just yesterday). The only teacher I had early on who really cared about connecting students to contemporary music was my eighth grade French teacher, Miss Cooke, who was willing to suspend our recitation of irregular verbs for a three or four huddle around a turntable one kid brought to school after we had pleaded with her to explain what "Hey Jude" and a couple of other Beatle songs were all about. She was from England, so we thought she'd know. We must have listened to those songs a hundred times, dissecting (what seemed to us at the time) one painfully enigmatic line after another.

Anonymous said...

That brought tears to my eyes - very cool. Thanks for sharing