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Thursday, May 14, 2009

melissa in uganda

"Arriving here in Uganda has been beyond my expectations. I was greeted at the airport by Rosemary, Joan and the big boys (Henry, Billy, and Edward). It was truly like arriving home with them. We have been comfortable with one another getting caught up. The school looks very good...the children and staff have maintained a clean area. There is new grass growing in the compound, vegetables sprouting from the garden, buildings have been kept up. Peter, one of the teachers, has taken over duties as the Head Master. He is fair and very active with the children. It has been a pleasure and privilege to sit with Rosemary and Joan and discuss the school. I have been asking many questions and getting some valuable information about the children's progress in school.

The children have been taking very good care of me. The girls had my bed ready for me, and they have decorated it with their most valuable possessions. My posse of girls has grown, and I am making great efforts to get to know the younger boys. They are great fun and so silly. It makes me miss Antwain, cause I know that they would have great fun together. The children have been constantly entertaining me with dancing, singing, modeling (even the little boys modeled for me last night... seriously so funny).

The time has been planned well, but the days are passing too quickly for me. I am savoring every moment with my most beloved friends, and I am grateful for this time with them."

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