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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

young artist featured in kutuuka: willy

“I am Willy, aged 16 years. I am in grade seven. We are five boys in our family and the first born is Jimmy, then Brian, Oscar and Enock the last born. All of the family loves art, drawing, painting and modeling things out of clay. I started loving art since I was still young. I started by drawing pictures which made children to laugh at them, but they liked the drawings and they started buying them from me. But since I came to St. Mary Kevin, my artwork was being put in power, wherby I can paint things that are amazing. I am glad to hear that the artwork that we did has been put into a book that you are going to publish in the world. That is a really wonderful job that is going to make us famous. I wish you blessing in what you have done. I am hardworking at school. I like playing games and having fun with friends. Apart from art I love computers, typing and drawing pictures on a computer.”

Willy's framed painting is 19" x 23". If you'd like to purchase it, along with a signed and numbered hardbound copy of Kutuuka, you can do so for a donation of $500.00 to Change the Truth. Please contact me if you are interested.

June 17th - this piece has sold!

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