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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

grandparents/great grandparents

On the edge of the St. Mary Kevin property is a small enclave of mud homes that belong to several older Kajjansi residents. Rosemary has taken it upon herself to provide what assistance she can to these men and women who have huts full of orphaned grandchildren and great grandchildren. She thinks of them as part of her family. (Keep in mind that the average life expectance in Uganda is 49 years - these folks have defied the odds.)

One afternoon, Rosemary took me over to see her elderly “family” and had me present each of them with one of the extra blankets we had purchased for the children at SMK. They were, of course, extremely happy to see us and were very grateful for the gifts.

Though they have next to nothing to call their own, they are a proud and dignified group of people.

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