"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." - Dorothea Lange

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


"In a nick of time, having lay down on my bed, I was caught up in a deep sleep down in the forest where we fetched water in the village.
As I dropped the bucket down in the well, an unknown sound from the forest started shouting loudly in a scary voice: 'I have you today.'

Before I could fill my bucket to the brim, my sister Sarah had left. I knew now that I was in for it.

I started hearing a voice coming from all sides of my slim body: ‘I need you.' That’s what it said.

Trees around me started shaking.

I shuddered, then my voice started dying out. However much I could call for my twin sister, Sarah, for a rescue, it was all in vain!

My heart drummed against my chest; it felt like my hair was off my head. I opted to run, but the legs could not make it to their best.

After all this shivering and scary moments, I heard the voice of Sarah saying, ‘Nelson, I am dying. Please come and help me!’

I tried to follow where the voice was coming from, but I was disturbed by the echoes in the forest.

I ran following the background of her sound. I saw her. She cried at me with her tears flowing like a faulty tap. ‘Nelson, can you do something?’ I now started crying as I saw this: an unknown animal I have never seen before.

I came close to her only to see her belly being cut and made open. This gave me much fear and proved little chance of survival. Genuinely speaking, I had no way to help Sarah, and there she died.

The animal then came close and ran after me. I ran backwards calling out for help. Tears of melancholy cascaded down my muddy face as the animal jumped and caught me up. I woke up only to remember that it was just a dream. I felt relieved!" – Nelson, age 18

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Anonymous said...

These are amazing, Gloria.

- J.M.