"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." - Dorothea Lange

Monday, January 05, 2009


Sifting through images I made of the children's dreams, I am finding obvious recurring themes. I am finding that there were few "happy" dreams, even though I often encouraged the children to try to recall those specifically.

I am finding that I am constantly thinking about their dreams, even as I am here in the US on my comfortable bed trying to have my own.

“I walked to our village. It was very far. There my mum was going to the garden and she saw a big snake. She killed the big snake. The mother of the snake wanted to kill my mother because she had killed its child.” – Mackline, age 10

“When I was asleep, I dreamed that I was with my mum at home, and an Englishman came to our home. He took me to England to play football. When we reached there, I started playing, and I sent my mum money.” - Caleb, age 11

“I was playing with my friend, and he pushed me into the lake. I started to swim, and my clothes got wet. After that I went back home, and my mom asked me where I had been.” – Douglas, age 9

“At night when I was sleeping, I had a horrible dream. I saw a night dancer. He chased me all night. I was in the village, and the only solution which I had was to run up to the house. My big brothers came for my rescue, and they chased him away. He went back to his home. He left behind bones of the dead.” - Vincent, age 10

“I mostly dream that my father is one of the richest men in Kampala.” – Billy, age 16

“Sometimes I dream that the ground is breaking and I am falling down in there. When I wake up, I think it is true and I cry.” – Isabella, age 11

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