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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

carol/ unimaginable

I received this email from Carol this morning:

"After the inauguration, Mark Shields said on the PBS news hour that what struck him forcibly as he looked around the room where President Obama was signing his first nominations was that 'it was really a pageant of America’s change. If you looked at that room, there was the first Senate majority leader who is a Mormon. There was the first woman speaker of the House, who is Italian-American. There was the first vice president of the United States who is a Catholic. There was the first woman chair of an inaugural event who is the first woman senator from California and the first woman mayor of San Francisco, who is Jewish. And you say, WOW!'

And so do I. What an amazing day. If anyone had told me on 9/11 that the next U.S. president would have Hussein for a middle name, I’d have advised them to get psychiatric help. And now, to the great events of my lifetime - man on the moon, Sadat in Jerusalem, Iron Curtain gone, Nelson Mandela free - I can add Barack Obama as president.

Truly a world full of miracles."

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