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Sunday, January 25, 2009


As you know, Change the Truth helps support many students in their quest to attend secondary school (the equivalent of high school in the US). We also sponsor one student who has already graduated and who has long had the dream of continuing his education. Douglas started nursing school this past November.

When we were in Uganda last month, Douglas gave us a tour of his school. He could not have been more proud showing us his campus, dorm room and lecture halls and explaining his schedule. He is working hard and really enjoying his classes. I asked him to share some of his thoughts about school, and this is what he wrote:

"These are some of my experiences so far at school:

I have been able to learn a lot of things in the short time that I have been at school. Like I have acquired a lot in the lectures. I am now able to give first aid to the casualties. I can examine the patient and tell what he is suffering, and I am also able to carry out vital observations.

Why I am doing the nursing course:

I saw it as a great chance for me to do this course since I grew up in a village where there were no health workers. I knew that if I could become a health worker I would at least help a lot of people. Mainly I wanted to get a way of how I could help the kids - mainly the orphans. I see that when I can complete this course I can help out the young through what I will be learning.

My goals:

I am sure that I will fulfill my mission. I want to help orphans, mainly those who are suffering from HIV/AIDS. I see this as a great chance to start working for these kids. I am so proud of all those who want to help out young children like Change the Truth. I am so grateful that Change the Truth came out and backed my going to school."

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