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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

sponsored student: male anthony

Male Anthony is currently a Senior 3 Secondary student at Kajjansi Progressive Senior Secondary School.  Male arrived at SMK in Primary 5, as he was recruited to play football (soccer) for the school team.  Male’s single mother works in a small produce market, and he has no siblings.  Male has a great passion for football and finds time during school holidays to play for an organized team.  Male wants to be a doctor when he grows up. His favorite classes in Secondary school are Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Geography.

Male is sponsored by his "Mommy Robin" from New Jersey. As you can tell from her words below, she definitely considers him "Son Male"!

Robin and Male

"I first met Male almost four years ago on my first visit to Uganda with a non-profit organization. We visited SMK orphanage and spent the days with the kids there. I spotted Male and his contagious but shy smile, and we met. We arm wrestled and danced together, and then I left. Upon leaving the country I couldn't stop thinking of him and his beautiful face. I had the organization search for him through pictures, as I didn't know his full name. I found him and said I wanted to sponsor him and see him through University if possible. I made myself a promise to be a part of his life, and I have returned every six months since our first meeting to visit. Male has met two of my children and has traveled with me on safari to Murchison Falls. We’ve gone shopping and to lunch and to the zoo. 

Two years ago I started an organization to empower young women in Uganda, and Male comes to visit our centers often. I have met Male's mother and also his soccer coach and hope to watch him play during my next visit in June. 

He is very much a part of my family, and I love him dearly!"

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He's such a sweetheart!