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Sunday, May 19, 2013

sponsored student: scovia

Change the Truth is now proudly sponsoring 32 students. Of those, 18 have specific sponsors (donors who have asked to be connected with one child in particular). Often, these connections grow out of relationships that are formed during team trips to the orphanage. Sometimes I simply match a donor with a prospective student, based on things like personality and interests.

Once a donor becomes a sponsor to a specific child, letters and pictures are exchanged. CTT provides the sponsor with grade cards each term, as well as written updates from the student. Some of these relationships have been going on now for three or four years! The sponsored student almost always ends up feeling like a son or daughter to the sponsor. A special bond is formed.

Atim Proscovia is one of those students who has a specific family sponsor. Here is her story:

Scovia is 14 years old. She is currently a Senior 2 secondary student attending Baptist High School.  She came to SMK in Primary 2 after her parents were killed by rebel soldiers in the civil war in northern Uganda.  In her free time, Scovia enjoys singing, dancing and hanging out with friends.  During school holidays at SMK, she participates in Choir and Traditional Ugandan Dance/Drumming.   Scovia hopes to become an accountant.  She also has dreams of building her own school for Ugandan orphans. She treasures her sponsors, Jennifer and Jeff, whom she met when they traveled on their own last summer to volunteer at the orphanage (after having been members of Team 4). Scovia considers them to be part of her family now, and Jennifer and Jeff feel the same way about her. With their continued assistance and a lot of hard work in school, Scovia's future will only look brighter and brighter.

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Tandy Wood said...

That is SO awesome for all three of you!! You will make such a difference in Scovia's life.

Proud that you are part of our Saint Andrew community....and my friends.