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Friday, May 24, 2013

sponsored student: tonny

Tonny in his new school shirt, 2013

Ssentamu Tonny stole my heart the first year I met him. That was back in 2006. Both my son, Max and my husband, Eddie were also quite taken with Tonny when they were team members in 2008 and 2009 respectively. We've all now got a soft spot in our hearts for this young man. I told Tonny a couple years ago that if he made the grades and met all the other stipulations for a CTT scholarship, that my family and I would like to sponsor him in secondary school. Tonny did do very well and qualified for a sponsorship with flying colors. It just so happened that Tonny's long-term pen pal, James - and his family (who hail from Chicago) - also wanted to help with Tonny's school fees. So, our two families came together and are now happily sharing the financial obligations for Tonny's education.

Tonny and me, 2008

Max and Tonny, 2008

Eddie and Tonny, 2009

Tonny holding James' school picture. James included it in one of his letters. 2009

Tonny is currently a Senior 1 day student at Turkish Light Academy. He has called St. Mary Kevin Orphanage home since Primary 1.  Both of Tonny’s parents are deceased, and he has lost contact with all other members of his family (including a younger brother). Mama Rosemary is now his guardian, and his peers at SMK have become his brothers and sisters. During his Primary school years, Tonny enjoyed performing with the choir and dancing up quite a storm with the traditional dance troop.  Unfortunately, discomfort in his hips this past year has put a halt to dancing. Tonny has discovered a new way to express his passion for music, though. He is an active, dedicated member of the mighty St. Mary Kevin Marching Band, playing both trombone and alto saxophone (he began with the trumpet).  Tonny’s favorite subjects in school are Biology and Chemistry. In the future, Tonny hopes to become a doctor (specifically a surgeon), as well as an instructor of music.  

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