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Thursday, May 23, 2013

sponsored student: claire faith

Team 4 member Emily (a high school student at the time) fell head over heels for young Claire Faith. The two girls began corresponding, and when it was time for Claire Faith to go to Secondary School, Emily and her family stepped up to the plate to provide assistance. This family works hard for every dollar it contributes toward Claire Faith’s education, but they are committed to standing by this little dynamo for the duration of her education. Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Claire Faith knows what it is like to fall in love.

Emily and Claire Faith, 2010

Emily wrote the following about her little "sister":

"Claire Faith, a P6 student was quiet, yet sassy in her quick eye rolls and hidden smiles. The very first day, she took on the role as my photographer and guide, documenting her classmates in their most natural and posed positions and leading me by hand around the SMK grounds. With quiet moments and many jokes throughout the week, Claire Faith and I became inseparable.

But the moment I realized we would be bound together for much longer than the trip was one day after we had returned from the lake and Claire Faith was trying to fix my broken camera. She worked so hard even after I had given up and told her it was okay. She finally surrendered and asked for my phone so she could play ‘Bug Crusher’ some more. Lying on her stomach on my bed with her petite feet swinging in the air, she beat my high score and simply looked up at me with her sly grin, saying, ‘You have a lot to learn from me’. She had no idea how right she was.”

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