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Friday, May 17, 2013

a kitchen remodeled

The kitchen at St. Mary Kevin's used to be a smokin' place to hang out in.


It was actually one of my favorite places to photograph. The smoke that rose up from the pots, combined with the smoke from the burning wood below made for some powerful visuals. But, after three or four minutes in there, I would have to run outside for a gasp of clean air... tears streaming down my face from the sting of the smoke. I never could figure out how the cooks and the kids stayed in the there for so long. With the smoke and the risk of burns, it was a place in need of help.

Now, thanks to Change the Truth donors, the kitchen has been transformed. It is a smoke-free place that is safer and much more efficient.

Little by little, the truth is changing for our beloved children. The truth is now, they have a safe, clean place to go to get their meals.

Old kitchen - the children line up to get their porridge

Old kitchen - the cooking pits

New kitchen - the smoke is diverted up and out of the building

New kitchen - spiffy new cooking pots

New kitchen - the children line up for food. What a difference!

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