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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

sponsored student: brian

Okecha Brian is currently a Senior 3 Secondary student at Kajjansi Progressive Senior Secondary School.  Brian arrived at St. Mary Kevin in Primary 5, along with his four brothers (two older and two younger).  His mother died of cancer in 2004, and his father works as a security guard in Kampala.  Brian comes from a family of extremely talented artists.  He enjoys painting and drawing, as well as learning more about computers.  Brian plays the trumpet and is an active member of the SMK Marching Band.  This gracious, talented, smart, sweet young man aspires to become a professional artist. If you've ever attended one of CTT's annual fundraisers, you've no doubt enjoyed his fabulous artwork.

Brian's sponsors are a family of four caring people who live in Michigan. Jessie, the mom, contacted me a couple years ago asking for a student to sponsor. She and Otto are the parents to two boys; now they have a third to call "son." Brian writes them wonderful letters and always thinks to include a drawing or two. He could not be more appreciative of their belief in him and his education.

Bridges from one corner of the world to another are being built through these sponsorships. The connection between Brian and his two American "brothers" mean more than any of us can imagine.

[Thanks, Suzanne Garr, for these 2012 portraits of our sponsored students!]

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