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Monday, May 20, 2013

sponsored student: sheila

Kirungi Sheila is 17 years old and is in Senior 5. Both of her parents died from illnesses when she was young. She is a lovely young woman who enjoys singing and being with her friends. Sheila works hard in school and hopes to one day become a doctor, specifically a cardiologist. She wants to help others with heart problems, because she wishes someone could have helped her own mother when she died of a heart attack.

A few years ago CTT held a fundraiser in New York. An old college pal of mine showed up with his friend, Judy. It wasn't long before Judy asked if she could help; she thought she might really enjoy sponsoring a student. I matched her up with Sheila. They are both thoughtful, smart, hard working women who value family and education. It has proven to be a magical connection! Judy and Sheila adore one another and share so much about themselves in the letters they exchange. They've never met, but they both hope someday that will happen.

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