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Thursday, January 10, 2013

love letters

I'll be honest with you. Running a non-profit can be frustrating and challenging.

I've been having a pity party all day because of a particularly difficult situation that's come up. And, of course, to make matters worse, it's a gray and dreary day in Kansas City.

The sun just came out, though: I received a package of letters from some of my young friends at St. Mary Kevin, delivered via the USPS and team leader Suzanne.

Now that the tears (from reading my letters) have dried up enough for me to actually see my keyboard, I'll share some excerpts from these shiny little letters. Many are adorned with stickers and drawings of hearts. All of them brought me out of my doldrums and reminded me to get up, dust myself off and move forward. These children continue to inspire me and make me smile. Over and over again.

"I love you so much and I miss you. Thank you for the pictures of me that you sent. I looked beautiful. And thank you for making me your friend."

"I will never forget that time we drew together and you gave me a drawing. It makes me feel that I have many people who care and love me."

"I miss you because I love being next to you."

"In Team 6 I had three best friends. They were so kind to me and we played the following games with them - netball, rope skipping, etc. and we made flowers and we had lunch and we were so excited with the team but now we are going to miss them as we missed you."

"I remember that day we at the Serena Hotel. That day was the most good day of my life."

"In Team 6 I got a sister called Leah and a dad Josh. I was the first girl to give them a tour. I loved them  and even now I still do."

"Everyday I attend a lecture at the University I get inspired. Everyday I am able to dress up properly and walk around with people of great honor. I feel proud. Everyday you remind that I have a lot of contributions I have to offer to this great planet earth by being the best change that I can be. And surely I will achieve that one day, just one day!!"

"Thank you for not leaving me behind in the world."


Unknown said...

Lovely letters, lovely picture, too.

Anonymous said...

Inspiring indeed.

- JM

Gloria Baker Feinstein said...

Thanks, Suzanne.