"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." - Dorothea Lange

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

new website

Now that my eyeballs are about to pop out of my head, now that I have successfully resized and uploaded about 250 images, now that my new BFF works in support at Foliolink.com, I am happy to report that I have a brand spankin' new website.

My old one was great, really. I liked it a lot. But I wanted full control (who, me??) and 24-7 access to it so I could add or delete images, update text, etc. all without having to constantly bother (and constantly pay) my web guy. So, I found a "build your own website" company that offers pretty cool templates and great customer service to artists and photographers who are control freaks like me. Then I buckled down and started sifting through work, old and new. Then I began sitting at my computer. Then I continued sitting at my computer. Then I realized why web designers get so much money for assembling websites. I kept plugging away, until a few hours ago, when VOILA! it was a a done deal. After a quick phone call to make sure the cyberspace gods and goddesses were able to redirect my domain name to the new IP address, it is now up and running. Check it out, and let me know that you dropped by by leaving me a note on the guestbook page!

There is a whole new crop of portraits, all the new Dream and Sea Series and Streetcar images are included, as well as a new portfolio containing some of the (old) Holocaust Survivor photographs. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy looking around.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Really, really cool....love all of it!! Thanks for sharing! Lisa

Anonymous said...

It looks GREAT!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you for the opportunity to see such amazing beauty! What a gift you have. What a gift you give the world. EM