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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

dog spa

Sam’s life in Kansas City is not exactly an adventurous one. The most wildernessy he gets is walking to the corner of our block and back. Now and then, he goes to a well-manicured park to run around.

Let’s just say, he manages to stay pretty darn white and fluffy. You probably wouldn't ever see him on the cover of an REI catalogue or anything.

But, during our three weeks in Portland, Sam has:

Waded into the ocean
Hiked forest trails
Rolled around on a sandy beach
Strolled city streets in the rain
Been sniffed by many, many dogs
Stayed at doggie daycare
Gotten gum stuck in his paw

What we had on our hands was, yes, you guessed it: one stinky dog.

As Eddie likes to say, “You can’t pump your own gas in Oregon, but you can wash your own dog!” We took Sam to a wash-your-own-dog-place yesterday to get him cleaned up for the trip home. Our fellow Southwest passengers will be glad we did.

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