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Friday, December 05, 2008

safe landing in entebbe

I was greeted with open arms by Peter and Henry at the airport last night after my way too long journey. It feels so good to be here. Eddie, you asked me if I had been missing the smell of Africa, and I said I wasn't sure there was a distinct one for me, but I was wrong.

I am set up in a wonderful 3 bedroom apartment which I will soon share with other members of the team. The living room has become Change the Truth headquarters. I even brought along a huge CTT banner which is now hanging on the wall.

I was awakened this morning by a band that was marching through the main street below my room. They were blaring out "When the Saints Go Marching In". I just love the background sounds here.

Aaron (those of you from the Maine workshop will remember him) gave me a big hug at breakfast. Moses (if you read my blog from that first year, he was the wonderful driver who took me to Jinja and baked a live chicken in the trunk of a our car on the way back to Kampala) is still here, too. He gave me a big hug, as well.

I almost feel as though I have a second home here.

There is lots of housekeeping to do today as I get things ready for the next few weeks. Thanks to all for your bon voyage and safe travel wishes!

Much more later...

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