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Friday, December 19, 2008

max/ first Impressions

I thought that marching with the USC drumline was akin to rockstar status. Let me make it known that the energetic kids at St. Mary Kevin put our marching band fans to shame! My relieved mother, accompanied by a mob-like gang of kids, enveloped me with hugs, handshakes, and ear-to-ear smiles as I stepped off the plane in Entebbe. But to believe that my airport greeting was grand would be a mistake- at least compared to the madness that ensued upon my arrival at SMK…

As we rolled through the gates and entered the courtyard at SMK, the first thought in my mind was that neighbors would certainly call the police. At least, that’s how discontented residents around LA handle excessive noise and partying. I’m not kidding- an overjoyed mass of kids swarmed our vehicle as if we were royalty. However, “kingly” is the last word I’d use to describe my treatment- the most impressive aspect of my greeting was how each person treated me as a friend. The unending stream of more hugs and smiles instantly allowed me to enmesh myself in their family.

The night continued with energetic dancing, drumming, and singing. My new friends, including Habib, Peter, and Nelson, provided great insight on everything that I witnessed. I’m so thankful for the warm and heartfelt welcome that I received. The whole evening was absolutely surreal. This trip promises to be extraordinary ☺ More to come later…

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Anonymous said...

Surely we could not wait to see to Uganda, personally; i felt like lifting you up but i feared to mistake to be cray that night
Am telling you feel at home Dear, and really you deserved that wonderful and Kingly welcome-dear
I do promise you yet to see more love and fun in my village