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Thursday, December 26, 2013

team post: jeff

OK, I have finally had a good cry. Thank you, Jeff.

Tubagala Nyo

My wife Jenn tells me I like to ham it up with the best of them. While I like to be a cut-up and have good clean fun, I wouldn't put musical performance in the same category. In fact, if I were on Dancing with the Stars I would probably be told I lack musicality. I've tried various musical instruments throughout my life, all resulting in failure, and have never found I can carry much of a pleasing tune vocally. I share this because on December 20, my first full day back at SMK, I found myself with several of the resident musicians having a jam session.

I played two notes with a couple of boom whackers we had brought with us while Nicky was on guitar, Antwain and Brian were on percussion and others played various items. It was tremendous fun and as Antwain would say "you have to feel the music, yah!" Somewhere along the way we broke out into freestyle rap and Nicky decided I would perform with the group during the CTT Team 7 welcome ceremony a few days later. As it turns out Nicky and I rehearsed a little number, threw in a little rap on my part, and performed for 160 plus at SMK.

Our song, which was an adaptation of one of Nicky's, was called Tubagal Nyo (We Love You Very Much). How could I express anything less when all my apprehension and layers I arrived with were so easily peeled away by the love and affection of everyone at SMK. Who needs musicality when the children will accept you as you are, invite you to be fully involved and love you every step of the way. For this I will always share with them Tubagala nyo!

- Jeff

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