"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." - Dorothea Lange

Thursday, May 31, 2012

here comes da judge

I'm stuck at the airport waiting for a delayed flight to the lovely southwest, and I thought I'd list the reviewers I'm scheduled to see while in Santa Fe. Several of my devoted readers have asked who I'm seeing.

I was fortunate to get all my top picks for review sessions (speed dates, if you will). There are so many good reviewers who are attending this year's event; it was hard to narrow down my choices to just nine. Hopefully, I will get a chance to show work to other reviewers... those I'm able to snag in the evening at the bar after a few martinis (Oh, I know. Totally unethical.)

At any rate, those to whom I shall plead my case as a photographer are:

Todd James, senior photo editor at National Geographic Magazine
Kelly Blair, senior book jacket designer at Knopf
James Estrin, co-editor, NYT Lens Blog
Diana Gaston, associate curator at Fidelity Investment's Corporate Art Collection
Elisabeth Biondi, independent curator, who most recently was a photo editor for The New Yorker
Natalie Matutschovsky, senior photo editor at Time Magazine
Annick Shen, photo editor at the Open Society Foundation
Amber Terranova, photo editor at Photo District News Magazine
Katheleen Hennessey, director of exhibitions and activist awards at PhotoPhilanthropy

So, if you are even distantly related to any of these folks, went to grade school with one of them or feel quite certain one of them owes you a huge favor, please let me know!!

But seriously, this is a really cool opportunity for me, and I'm looking forward to it. It's an impressive group of people from whom I am certain to glean a lot. More later...

santa fe or bust

If I have access to the internet and some spare time, I'll try to write about the Santa Fe Portfolio Review. I will hit the ground running by attending a reception tonight at PhotoEye Bookstore and Gallery (one of my favorite places in all of Santa Fe!) and then tomorrow will work my way through the first session of critiques.

I'm overpacked, very weighed down and, man, am I looking forward to those peanuts on Southwest!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


If you are a follower of Change the Truth and are also on Facebook, please "like" the CTT page so you can get the latest info on our 5th Annual Friendraiser/Fundraiser!

Also, watch soon for the opportunity to bid online for the dolls and artwork that will be featured at the event.

Invitations will be in the mail soon. Following that, there will be lots more info to come! It's an exciting time for CTT!

henry and blue dog

Just before we left New Orleans, I asked Henry if I could take a portrait of him with his little friend Blue Dog. I had given him a retro Fischer Price toy camera when we arrived, and together we'd been taking lots of pictures. (He holds the camera's back toward his face and carefully snugs his cute little mouth inside the lens before pressing the shutter.) He was very intent on the whole process and mostly loved the way the flash bulb made a quick rotation each time he snapped a picture.

So, I asked him to sit on the sofa for the portrait, and here is the way he looked out toward me. Just looking, just being himself, just being honest, already somehow just being sure of himself.  

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

airplane sleepers

This past weekend Eddie and I flew to New Orleans and surprised the little family with a quick visit. It was so sweet to be with them.

On the way there and back I continued working on my new project.

Sleeping in a public space in such close proximity of perfect strangers (or loved ones) strikes me as marvelous and strange and scary and lovely.

Friday, May 25, 2012

digging deep with dogged determination

and finding just a few more images from the December trip to Uganda that I may have been quick to overlook.

When one is shining a portfolio for review, one decides to take a few chances during the process.

At any rate, I kind of like the way these feel.

Now, back into the trenches...

Have a happy Memorial Day weekend, all!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

i love it when i get an email from abbie, especially when there are photos attached

Opening this one just a few minutes ago was such a welcome change from staring at my own photos all day long. Just look at this punum!!!

Am I a proud granny, or what?

review time again

I am subjecting myself to taking advantage of the expertise and criticism of some very high caliber portfolio reviewers at Review Santa Fe. One hundred photographers just like me got the stamp of approval from the jury to attend this year's two day crit session; we are all now very busy printing our newest work, dusting off our portfolio cases, updating our resumes and creating nifty little "leave behind" packets for the reviewers. I am actually planning to tote three bodies of work with me, so my printer and my brain have shifted into overdrive this week.

Check out the list of accepted photographers here. You can scroll through the names and take a quick look at samples of some of the 99 really interesting bodies of work.

More on who I hope to get a session with later. It's all done by lottery, so I'm not sure who my appointments will be with. I will tell you that the Senior Photo Editor from National Geographic Magazine is first on my list, though.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

tossin' and turnin'

You know those nights when you just can't sleep?

I'm one who usually tries to stay under the covers and will myself toward dream land, but last night I decided to creep quietly over to my shiny new iMac. This baby makes all of my pictures look so sparkly and sharp and saturated, and I am definitely in love with it.

So, by 4 AM I had revisited every digital capture I made in Uganda this past December. In my sleep deprived state, I rescued eight new pictures - ones that had hit the editing room floor only a few short months ago. The combination of the sexy new iMac and the fact that I was very sleepy led me to: "What was I thinking!!? These are brilliant!"

By 6 AM I had processed these eight newly knighted gems, and then I gave myself permission to collapse into bed. I felt so happy.

In the light of day, though, there was really only one picture that held up.

I had made another version of it before, but this one, for whatever reason, speaks to me now more than the first pick. I'm glad to save it from the dismal darkness of my external hard drive.

Back in the day when I shot film, I would look through my old negatives every now and then just to make sure there was nothing I'd missed. Time and time again, I discovered an image - just before or after the one I had originally chosen to print - that finally just made more sense to me. It goes to show that the results of one's editing process can and will change depending on state of mind, perspective and recent experience. And that it's worth taking a second, third or fourth look.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

dear photograph

Taylor Jones, at just 22 years of age, was inspired to start his website Dear Photograph as he flipped through old family photos at his parents' kitchen table. When he came across an image of his brother sitting at that very same table, he lifted it up and snapped a picture of the picture. In a moment, the idea for DearPhotograph.com was born. After taking more photographs, Jones posted them on a website and asked people to submit their own renditions -- but he had no idea how overwhelming of a response he would get. In just six short weeks, millions of people had visited, hundreds had submitted, and Jones had created an internet phenomenon that captured the world's attention.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

change the truth team 6

It's time to assemble the next team of volunteers! If you are seriously interested in spending ten days or two weeks at St. Mary Kevin Orphanage this December (including Christmas and the following week) now is the time to let me know. CTT is streamlining its group this year, meaning there will be fewer spaces available. There will be other changes, as well. (Three spots have already been claimed.)

Those who want to go will be sent lots of information, and then we will meet to make sure this trip is truly for you.

Those who have gone before have told me the experience changed their lives in some profound way. My first trip (2006) surely changed mine.

I thought it'd be fun to share pictures from the past five team trips. Represented here is everyone who has ever been a member of a CTT team - many of these generous  people have gone more than once. I hope these photos will inspire you to think strongly about making a trip you'll never forget - and meeting children who will dig a deep place into your hearts.

 Fred Grossman, Team Two

 Eddie Feinstein, Team Three

 Gloria Baker Feinstein, Team One through Five

 Shane Evans, Team 5

 Lynne Melcher, Teams One, Two and Five

 David Muhummad, Team Four

 Ann Thomas, Team One

 Lonnie Powell, Team One

 Tom Maddox, Team Two

 Jane Voorhees, Team One

 Max Feinstein, Team Two

 Linda Gerstel, Team Two

 Sarah Joyce, Team Two

 Randy Clark, Team Two

 Jeff Mildner, Team Four

 Melissa Mosher, Teams One, Two and Three

 Emily Collins, Team Four

 Jennifer Smith, Team Four

 Bobbi Newman, Teams Two, Three, Four and Five

 Christy Radecic, Team Three

 Carol Joseph, Teams One and Two

 Kaley Herman, Team Three

 Antwain Mosher, Team Three

 Avis Smith, Teams Four and Five

 Sara Hjalmarson, Team Three

 Michelle Beasley, Team Five

 Monique Udo, Team Five

 J. Leroy Beasley, Team Five

 Dawn Taylor, Team Five

 Laura Houston, Team Three

Suzanne Garr, Teams Four and Five