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Friday, December 13, 2013

gallery artists

Brian made this sign to hang next to the group of paintings

It's official. A small group of our most talented young artists from St. Mary Kevin Orphanage now have their work hanging in a gallery.

The gallery is called AidChild. It's located at the equator,  so it's not one you can hop on over to for a good time on First Friday.

I first discovered AidChild Gallery back in 2006 when Thatcher, my photo workshop leader, took us there for refreshing fruit smoothies and some very tasty guacamole. All of the work exhibited there is by African artists. My guess is most clients are tourists, stopping in the area to take pictures at the equator sign, have lunch and shop at the many craft shops that line that section of the road. AidChild donates a huge chunk of their sales to organizations that assist some of the 2.2 million orphans living in Uganda.

When I was there last August, I suggested to the very nice manager that she take a look at the work being made by some of our artists from SMK.

Fast forward (well, nothing happens FAST in Uganda) to December, and some of that very work has been stretched, delivered and now installed on the walls on the AidChild Gallery. I felt like a proud Mama when I received word (and pics) from Melissa that this had finally come to pass.

Willy, Brian, gallery manager Sylvia, Nicky

Nicky, Willy and Brian (there are others… time will tell if we get to replenish the current inventory) deserve this recognition and exposure. I am so happy for them!


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You are so sweet for all that you have done for Uganda! - T.C.

Jessica said...

Great news! And very exciting! :o)