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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

final days at smk for team 7

One thing that really stood out to me about SMK was how talented the students were. The art room at the orphanage looked like a professional exhibition, and the marching band of the students was fantastic. These kids just seemed inherently great at anything they put their minds to. It took the CTT team several hours to learn and practice a performance of jingle bells on Boomwackers, while the older kids at SMK flawlessly performed intricate dances for over 20 minutes. These kids are certainly a special group! - Sam

We feel so blessed to be part of an organization that is truly changing the truth for so many children. We are honored to have represented CTT as a part of Team 7. - Jennifer and Jeff

Spirit day was a huge success! We were able to successfully contain the kids' competitive nature and bring out the best in them, and they had great fun. You will see a fun activity called "Hit the Mazungu" which was a sponge toss at Max's head. He was such a good sport. Our good-bye program was quite a big deal with the brass band playing 3 or 4 songs, and gifts were presented to us by Joan Faith, Rosemary and Joseph. Speeches were also made, and letters were handed to us by some of the kids. It was sad to say goodbye, especially for me. - Jane

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