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Saturday, December 07, 2013

change the truth team 7: guest post by melissa

It's almost time! Team 7 will be at St. Mary Kevin Orphanage two weeks from now, and everyone involved is getting very excited. Soon, I'll feature bios and pictures of the team members. For now, though, enjoy this post by Melissa about the excitement that's building at the orphanage.

Melissa and Antwain, 2013

The Team is Coming! The Team is Coming!

"In two short weeks from now, Change The Truth’s Team 7 will be arriving at St. Mary Kevin Orphanage Motherhood. Over the years, this annual visit is one of anticipation and excitement for the orphans, staff, and Administration alike. It becomes the pinnacle event of the long holiday break and joyous occasion to welcome back old friends, as well as make new friends!

This year, Team 7 will be mainly a family affair. The team leaders, Jeff and Jennifer, are a dynamic husband-wife duo. This trip will make their 3rd visit to SMK. Previous, they were a part of Team 4, as well as an independent visit. Then, there is an entire family. Josh and his daughter, Leah, were members of Team 6. Their time at SMK was so meaningful that the whole family wants to return together. Joining this year will be Josh’s wife, Jane, and twin sons, Max and Sam. Also, Dawn was a member of Team 5. She is returning this year with her youngest daughter, Emily. Finally, Cynthia, a photographer and CTT supporter, will be rounding out this year’s team.

Personally, one of the most meaningful visits to SMK was Team 3. It was that year Antwain was also a member of the CTT team. Being able to introduce two important components of my life to one another was really an incredible experience. I was profoundly proud to watch Antwain experience SMK for the first time. While I shared countless stories and photos, nothing could compare to the reality of Antwain hanging out with special friends like Henry or Saka. I will enjoy witnessing a similar experience for Josh and Dawn.

Each team member will arrive with their bags packed to capacity with arts and craft materials, medical supplies, Christmas gifts, pen pal letters, digital cameras, few computers and software, and lots of other goodies. The days will be jammed packed with individual projects (like photography classes, computer classes, counseling sessions, arts/craft time, book clubs, recreation activities), group projects (installing new mattresses in dormitories, hosting Spirit Day), holiday celebration on Christmas, showcase of entertainment, a few fieldtrips, and endless hugs/walks/talks/holding hands.

The calendar to countdown the days until CTT Team 7’s arrival will go up this week, as there is a daily onslaught of inquiries about their arrivals. The decorations will be prepared to welcome our friends both returning and new as they once again share a memorable holiday season at SMKOM."

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