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Friday, September 04, 2015

birthday party!

St. Mary Kevin knows how to put on a party, I must say! The festivities started at 2:30 and didn't end until 7:15. There were fantastic decorations, amazing dancing and musical performances, speeches by many people (including a few political dignitaries), a delicious dinner, cake, lots of singing and gift giving. Our recent college graduates were honored, too. Even some of my jaja friends (grandmothers) from the village showed up! It was a proud and very fun day for this Mama G.

Jajas and me

Ivan the music teacher was one of the MCs. And yes, that is a banner with my picture on it.

Rose, Scovia, Tony, Fionah, Rose and Joan 

Nicky Bieber

Village kids watching through the gate

Natalie and her little shadow, Moreen


Rosemary and Joseph Kavulu and me

Our budding violinists (thanks to Strings for Uganda)

Recent graduate Rosette

Lovely Isabella

Oscar, Rachael and other really, really talented dancers

These kids are pretty cute. I'm happy they were at my birthday party.

Roderick, the gardener's son

The grads shared their mortarboards with Mama Rosemary, Daddy Joseph and me

A beautiful birthday dinner prepared by the one and only Maria

Natalie, Melissa and I cut the cake. Samalie showered us with confetti.

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