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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

post-secondary school students

Change the Truth is currently sponsoring 30 students. This includes nine kids who have moved into the post-secondary school phase of their education.

In Uganda, it's not easy to get to this point. It takes hard work and dogged determination. If you don't have parents and a complete family unit to provide a safety net for you when you fall down along the way, it makes it even tougher.

I'm so proud of each and every one of these young adults. I value their efforts, and I value their friendship.

Today Change the Truth treated them to lunch at a restaurant in Kampala. When they walked in, I was so impressed that they'd gotten dressed up. They were on time (well, on Uganda time) and they were obviously happy to be invited. There was a lot of laughter and good conversation. They have known each other well for many years and are like one big group of siblings. And they were hungry. These kids can eat!!

It was the perfect way to spend an afternoon. I can honestly say I think they enjoyed it and much as Melissa and I did! (Thanks, Melissa, for suggesting and organizing such a fun event.)

So, here are the big kids - the inspired, dedicated, beautiful, interesting, personable, smart, fun-loving and grateful big kids.

Samarie: 19 years old. Attends Ndejje University. Majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication.
Current favorite subject: HIV/AIDS Development.

Habib: 18 years old. Attends Islamic University of Uganda. Majoring in Law.
Current favorite subject: Foundation of Law.

Saka: 20 years old. Attends Buganda Royal Institute. Majoring in Accounting.
Current favorite subject: Auditing.

Henry: 21 years old. Attends Nakawa Vocational Institute. Majoring in Electricity.
Current favorite subject: Electrical Regulations.

Nelson: 22 years old. Attends Makerere University. Majoring in Computer Science.
Current favorite subjects: Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence.

Rosette: 18 years old. Attends YMCA Kampala Branch Institute. Majoring in Travel and Tourism.
Current favorite subject: Air Fares and Ticketing.

Daniel: 22 years old. Attends Makerere University Business School. Majoring in Marketing.
Current favorite subject: E-marketing and Web Design.

Billy: 20 years old. Attends Makerere University. Majoring in  Business Administration.
Current favorite subject: Economics.

Unfortunately, one student, Zaberra, could not join us. We missed her.

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Anonymous said...

Such a delight to read about these accomplished young people.