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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

meet my sister!

I’ve wanted my sister to go to Uganda since 2007. Finally, she is able to make the trip with me. Hurrah! I asked her to do what I ask all Change the Truth team members to do: write a bit about herself and share a photo for the blog.

So, I’d like to introduce to you my sister Bobbie.

Bobbie and Wally

“I am so excited to travel to Uganda with my sister!  I was in Africa in 2005, to visit my stepdaughter Emilie who was providing HIV/AIDs education in Tanzania.  It was an amazing journey that definitely left me wanting more!  Since that adventure, I've been busy launching my daughter Anna (who just started her senior year of college!), working as a fine arts painter, raising my pup (who is a certified therapy dog) and going to graduate school in Art Therapy.  It just hasn't been possible to join Gloria and the Change the Truth teams for a return visit to East Africa until this time around.  Finally, the tricky scheduling worked out!  In ten days, I'll be in the place that I've heard so much about - the place where my sister is Mama Gloria and has made such an impact on so many lives.  I am especially excited to meet the children and share two of my favorite activities with them - making art and doing yoga!  I am a firm believer in the power of the non-verbal to reach the deep places in us all where language is sometimes insufficient.   I've got a suitcase full of paints, markers, model magic, fabric, feathers and felt for art making.  I can't wait to meet these creative kids, lay out some art supplies and see where the process takes us.  I know I'll get to hold some sweet hands, discover some tender and broken hearts and hopefully create lots of smiles.” 

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