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Sunday, January 22, 2012

party for melissa

Our fabulous "on-the-ground" social worker/liaison Melissa has been visiting home in the US for the past couple weeks (along with her son Antwain). Last night CTT team members got a chance to see her and catch up. We all agreed that Uganda has been good to her (one comment was that she looked 10 years younger!) She confessed that while it's been absolutely great to see family and friends she's ready to go back home to the kiddos (and put on her flip-flops!).

Jane (Team 1), Melissa, Leroy (Team 5)

Lonnie (Team 1)

Max (Team 2) and his friend Jill

Michelle (Team 5), Dawn (Team 5), Avis (Teams 4,5)

Eddie (Team 3) and me

David (Team 4)

Jennifer (Team 4), Lynne (Teams 1,2,5) Jeff (Team 4)

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