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Sunday, January 08, 2012

cream of the crop

Change the Truth currently sponsors close to 30 students in secondary school, vocational school and university. Providing educational opportunities for children who have the talent to succeed but do not have the resources to give it a shot is the cornerstone of our organization.

The cost of school fees in Uganda has risen significantly over the past couple years; CTT has been forced to impose stricter standards on its sponsored students simply because it has had to limit the number of scholarship recipients.

The children who receive the sponsorships know that they must continue to perform well each year in order to maintain their status with CTT. Not only do they have to achieve a certain academic level, they must fulfill other obligations (such as engaging with and assisting the CTT teams each December).

While at the orphanage in December, I had the privilege of meeting with our top performing secondary school students. They received my heartfelt congratulations and lots of encouragement for the next school year, which will begin the first of February.

From left to right, our outstanding students are:

(front row)
Sheila, Anthony, Sunday, Rachael, Catherine
(back row)
Caleb, Joseph, Brian , Sam

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