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Monday, January 30, 2012


Douglas and CTT Team 1 member Jane got into a conversation back in 2007. Jane asked him what he wanted to be if/when he graduated from secondary (high) school. Douglas told Jane that day that he had always dreamt of becoming a nurse.

Jane took him seriously and offered to help. She eventually became his "mama" and his sponsor.

Douglas enrolled in the Mengo School of Nursing, a well respected institution not far from Kampala. He turned out to be a stellar student and loved soaking in all the information and new skills he could.

Last May, Douglas became CTT's first post secondary school graduate. It was a day for great celebration.

CTT hired Douglas to work part-time at the orphanage. He will maintain this "paid internship" for a year. He's a dedicated, talented, compassionate medical care provider, and we're extremely lucky to have him on board.

Another cause of celebration came last month when Team 5 was at the orphanage. Douglas had just gotten word that after all the tests and various calculations had finally been completed, he was number one in his class! Numero uno. Top dog. Creme de la creme. Top of the heap.

Douglas beamed. We all did. There was back slapping and hugging, even a couple of speeches. He emailed Jane with the good news. We had cake and took pictures of the proud young man.

You know, on that day back in 2007, when Jane and Douglas stood by the jackfruit tree, red dirt under their feet, hot east African sun beating down, talking about the future - his truth really did change.

Congratulations, Douglas!

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LDMark said...

That's tear-jerking, awe-inspiring stuff. Congrats, Douglas. Congrats, Jane. Mazel Tov, Mama Gloria!