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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

team 5: meet bobbi

"This is my 4th year spending the holidays with the kids, and I feel more connected to the children - and to Uganda - each year. Two years ago, I taught yoga for the first time and was overjoyed to see the kids take on the practice during the year. Joseph, one of the older boys who became one of the teachers, said to me 'after doing yoga, you can't be angry anymore.' The kids taught me more that I did them. I am inspired by their desire to learn, contribute, and become the best that they can be. It's always hard saying goodbye at the end of our journey, and know that they so look forward to this time of year...as do all of us. So this year I'll be teaching yoga again, and I look forward to connecting or reconnecting with the members of Team 5." - Bobbi

Bobbi wins the award for having been a CTT Team member the most often! It's hard to believe this will be her fourth trip. Bobbi has a huge fan club at the orphanage. These children will be very excited to see her again. Watching Bobbi teach yoga to the kids is inspiring. She is able to connect with them in a special way on a physical, as well as spiritual, level. The respect, admiration and love that goes back and forth between the kids and her is a powerful thing to witness. I am grateful to her for offering this opportunity to the children at SMK yet again.

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