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Sunday, November 20, 2011

new ctt t-shirt

I bet you didn't know that a new CTT t-shirt has come into the world! The shirt this year features a beautiful painting of a mother and two children. The original artwork was done by 16-year-old Leku Ivan, one of the brightest and most talented of all the art super stars at SMK.

The shirt is now available in adult sizes S,M, L and XL. It's $15, and you can order one at the CTT website store.

My model, for the second year running, is lovely 12-year-old Leah. She's been a huge fan and supporter of CTT for several years. She has chosen to make CTT the beneficiary of her Bat Mitzvah community service project this February, and she really and truly hopes to make the trip to Uganda with me one of these days. (I hope so, too!)

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