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Monday, November 21, 2011

felt squares threaded with love: guest post by suzanne garr

Team 5 member Suzanne writes:

"Almost every time I share the story of the kids at SMK, the person who's listening asks: 'How can I help?' That was Julie Armour’s immediate reaction. Julie's been an elementary school teacher for the past 30 years and has a background in art. Even though she retired from teaching a few years ago, she continues to be involved in children’s lives through her at-home tutoring programs.

Julie has always loved art, particularly making crafts from felt. She was trying to think of something that the girls at the orphanage would like, but would be easy for me to carry to Uganda. As we were sitting around the dinner table one night, Julie ran upstairs to get her book of felt craft, and as we were flipping through the book we came across these felt necklaces. They seemed easy to make, small enough to stuff into a suitcase and, most of all, they looked fun. I asked Julie how she makes them, 'First I choose the colors. Then I cut the felt into small squares. I take the thread and needle and string the felt squares and small beads together.' Pictured here are just a handful of the fun color combinations that Julie has made so far. I will pack the finished necklaces into my extra duffel bag,and they will be part of the Christmas gifts we'll bestow upon the children at St. Mary Kevin Orphanage Motherhood.

Thank you Julie for being a part of the SMK family and giving of your art, time and heart."
- Suzanne


Anonymous said...

Love your beautiful necklaces julie. I'm sure the girls will adore them too.
my love to the children,

Emmy said...

I'm proud of you, Mom! Those are really adorable and made with love.