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Friday, October 07, 2011

nelson and billy begin studies at makerere university

Among the students being sponsored by Change the Truth are two young men who were accepted to and have just now begun attending University. This is a huge accomplishment! Billy and Nelson were sponsored by CTT while they were in high school. Both lived up to the high standards we placed upon them, and both continue to be exceptional role models for the younger children at the orphanage.

CTT gives a (gently used) laptop computer to any student who gains acceptance to University. Nelson and Billy were recently given theirs by our CTT/SMK liaison Melissa, who sent me these happy photos!

Nelson sent me the following email. This young man has been hoping to attend college his whole life. I think you'll agree: he's wildly enthusiastic about finally having the opportunity to do just that.

"Dear Mama,

You won’t believe what I am going through but still I keep my head just like I promised you. Ever since you left Uganda, there has been a lot taking place in my life and today I opted to share with you my experience at the university in the first week as a campuser.

On Monday this week the University was opened and students turned up in large numbers including your Nelson. We had our first lecture on the same day and everybody in the room was very [excited] to experience it all. We all kept on looking at our watches just waiting for that time of the lecture. In about twelve minutes she entered, introduced herself before us and started lecturing.

She was dressed to kill, with a fluent, dust-free voice, precise and strict with her classroom rules. I wonder the source of her stories; perhaps story telling may be a professional skill to every mentor. She`s one woman who can make a class laugh lungs out! This made me remember my high school mathematics teacher. I enjoyed the entire session and I think, if there is any good course, this should be Computer Science. She motivated us and envisioned us about the world of technology.

Now there is this one I cannot leave out: the one who teaches us communication skills. She enters with her register where everyone is meant to sign and tick against his or her name. She is also strict like the first one. She made the whole class make mistakes with her communication questions. To be genuine; I did not know that I wasn`t communicating effectively.

Thanks to CTT and SMK!

Each day throughout my week has been fun and more interesting than the other. Nelson is trying to make each day meaningful and count for something.

I have a lot of school mates around my course and we all go back walking together from the university til we reach town. During this moment, we get the time to brainstorm about computers, talk about our lectures and it is our rule that every one teaches us something new.

The resources of my course are too expensive and I have opted to become a resource of myself by selecting good associates. What I have also observed in this week about campus is that one has got to have good relationships, be self driven and self motivated, focused, believing in oneself, making a lot of research, consulting, reading extensively, knowing who you are and where you come from. The most important of all, are the last two.

My aim this semester is to be able to design a dynamic website using some programming languages like HTML, DHTML, JAVA, JAVA SCRIPT, PHP and others. I imagine myself doing it MAMA! I just see myself there!

There is nothing easy or hard at campus. Being good at something alone is not even ample; one has got to give his best all the time. I know, it is not going to be a smooth path either, there are always going to be challenges. But as I said, those are only challenges which can be solved!

God bless you, God bless your work

Much Love,


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